Tips on How to Avoid a Dog Bite Attack

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 4 million Americans are bitten every year, resulting in almost 100 thousand people requiring medical attention. It is estimated that every day almost one thousand people visit the emergency room due to an attack by a canine. Half of all bite injuries are children between the ages of 5 and 9. Even more disturbing, over 30 thousand people every year received reconstructive surgery as a result of canine bite injuries. This is not surprising, considering that there are almost 100 million dogs in the United States. Fido may be man’s best friend, but they can also be very dangerous.

The Basics

It goes without saying that you should also give a dog personal space. Avoid suddenly approaching an unfamiliar dog. Give dog’s time to become familiar with you. Do not disturb them while they are eating, sleeping or caring for puppies. It’s best to assume that the dog is hostile. Keep in mind that dogs’ prey drive is triggered by joggers, runners and bikers. Never leave a child unattended with an unfamiliar or aggressive dog. While only 20 to 30 people die every year from being bitten by a dog, most of them are unattended children who were mauled while the adult was out of the room.

Body Language

Obvious body language can help you avoid being bitten by a dog. Pay attention if the dog has a tense body, stiff tail, furrowed brow and pulled back head and ears. Staring, tongue flicking and backing away are also good indicators of a potential problem. Of course, aggressive barking and snarling are obvious clues.

Potential Dog Attacks

If a dog bite attack is imminent, avoid yelling and stay calm. This is important because dogs expect an aggressive reaction. By staying calm and in control, it will confuse them. In addition to this, do not run away. This will only encourage the dog to chase you and attack. Instead, stand still and do not make eye contact with the dog. Being assertively relaxed will most likely cause the dog to lose interest and leave. However, if they start lunging and nipping, use a bag or coat to shield yourself. It

In conclusion, dogs are wonderful pets and companions, but some are aggressive and dangerous. Being attacked by a dog has serious consequences. Consider utilizing a dog bite lawyer if you are the victim of a dog attack. A dog bite lawyer will protect your interests and financial security.