Is A Lady Gouldian Finch The Right Bird For My Family Pet?

Many people have been so overwhelmed by the amazing beauty of Lady Gouldian finch that they proceed to purchase one, planning to learn how to care for it as time goes along. Let me suggest that this is not a good plan. Finches in general are unlike most other pet birds. This is not always obvious. The majority of other pet birds commonly sold will talk, socialize, learn tricks, sit on your shoulder, eat out of your hand, cuddle, kiss and truly have an emotional commitment to your companionship.

Lady Gouldian Finch are domesticated we say, because they have been bred in captivity for many, many years, but they are far from tame. Finches live in their own worlds and we may be their observers, protectors and their care givers. It is rare, but it can happen that a Gouldian will bond with a human. I have seen photographs that prove this is possible, but it is by far not the norm. The only really tame Goulds that I have knowledge of were taken as babies or rescued babies that have been hand fed and kept alive by very experienced breeders.

Some types of finches are timid, some not so much, some types are aggressive and some types are very aggressive. Lady Gouldians are known as community finches. They are for the most part docile and content to live peacefully in pairs or colonies. If a large flight is available in which to contain Gouldians, they will behave nicely with other types of non aggressive finches. My e-book has a list of compatible finches if you are considering having a mixed flight.

If you simply want to keep a beautiful Lady Gouldian Finch, may I suggest that you purchase two males. The males have the rich, deep, most beautiful colors. A single Gouldian will be lonely and bored, so purchase at least two. Watching the interactions between the birds is most fun. If you do not intend to breed the birds, may I suggest acquiring two males rather than a male and female. You will avoid all of the mating issues and you will have the most gorgeous birds.

Gouldians are fun to care for. You will see that they do show appreciation for the things you do for them. They are very inquisitive little guys. They pay attention to everything you do and are constantly watching you. These birds won’t pine away for you, should you have to leave them for a period of time. You can rest assured that they will be fine as long as anybody gives them fresh water and food.

To be sure that you are acquiring a well cared for bird, may I give you some tips?

(1) Their eyes should be bright and clear, with no discharge or swelling and you should expect to feel that you and he have made eye contact.

(2) The nostrils should be free and clear and the feathers near the beak should not show signs of any staining or drainage.

(3) The beak should not be overgrown or crossed at the tip.

(4) The bird should be active. He must not sit still on his perch with puffed out feathers, open mouthed, panting and/or sneezing.

(5) Rule out birds that stay on the bottom of the cage, or who display poor balance or abnormal head or neck twisting.

(6) The bird must be alert and responsive with feathers tight and sleek.

(7) Have the breeder take the bird in his hands in a way that you may observe the bird’s vent. Check to make certain there is no evidence of thin watery dropping sticking to the feather in that area.

(8) While the bird is upside down in the breeder’s hand, blow gently on the pale feathers that cover the breast bone until you can observe the abdomen. The breast should be gently rounded. It should not stand out like a knife blade.