Dressage Horses for Sale

Dressage Basics

There is something exceptionally beautiful about the way dressage horses move. It really does look like they are dancing as they prance about in such a rhythmic and majestic manner. Dressage is one of the most disciplined equestrian sports, taking a huge amount of patience, knowledge and training from both horse and rider.

So, what exactly is dressage?

The word “dressage” is derived from French. It means “training”, referring to the required discipline previously mentioned. In its most basic form, it consists of a horse and rider performing a routine from memory that utilizes both of their agility, control and athleticism. This routine is done with extremely subtle aids from the rider such as a slight move of the rein or press of the heels so that it looks elegant and effortless.

The Dressage Rider

However, the truth is that while it is most certainly elegant, it is by no means effortless. Both the horse and rider require years and years of training to make it to a competitive level. This is done through specialty classes and with specialty trainers. For riders, they must be completely familiar with everything equestrian, having been riding horses for a long time. Once they have the basics mastered, they can go into more advanced equestrian sports such as these and do it simply for pleasure, or perhaps to compete if they show a real talent for it.

The Dressage Horse

For horse and rider to really make the most out of the sport and to get the farthest, it really is ideal if the rider owns the horse, or is considering buying it for sale. This is no easy feat. Not only are dressage horses an expensive, although worthwhile, investment, it can be hard to find the properly trained ones for sale. The ones that do exceptionally well are really intended to be dressage horses from birth. Their type of breed will often determine their suitability. Yes, like the rider, they will at first learn the basics of the equestrian sporting discipline, but horses are usually trained from the beginning with the intention of moving on to advanced sports later on.

For dressage horses it is normally the Hanoverian breed of horse that performs best. It can be difficult to find this type for sale, but it is possible. When a rider decides to go into dressage and is looking for dressage horses for sale then the best option is to go to a well known breeder. This is because often they might not be the breed that it is claimed they are, or they may not be properly trained. When going to a well known breeder and seller, one can be sure that they can be trusted and accountable for the lineage of their dressage horses for sale.

Once the perfect match has been found then it is up to the rider and horse to begin the extensive training and building of a strong, harmonious connection, with the aim of achieving victory.