Dangerous Dogs: Blame the Dog or the Owner?

When a dangerous dog attacks, it raises lots of discussion. It’s an old argument, do you blame the breed of dog, or do you blame the irresponsible owner? The two sides of the issue each offer differing opinions. In trying to defend the dog as a misunderstood victim itself, Pit Bull owners often have a similar argument. They claim ignorance and bad owners. Apparently, problem owners raise pit bulls for all the wrong reasons. They deliberately breed for aggression, and often are abusive as owners. Responsible ownership and stricter breeding regulations are the way to address the issue of dangerous and aggressive dogs. Hotly opposed to Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL, they cite canine racism and beg to differ with those who are seeking BSL for their communities.

It seems to never fail that a horrible case of a dog mauling or dangerous dog bite attack hits the news, and everyone starts talking about what a nice dog it was. It’s the equivalent of a media interview after a horrible mass murder; the neighbors always say what a nice guy he was, never noticed anything different or strange. Same for dogs. Those who are seeking Breed Specific Legislation have statistics on their side: certain breeds are more dangerous than others, and have more deadly results. We’ve heard all too many times about a small child horribly disfigured by a Pit Bull. How many such cases have you heard of involving a Poodle or a Chihuahua?

If other dangerous dog breeds are so docile and such great family pets, why is it almost impossible to find a liability insurance policy to cover them? Many landlords will not rent to owners of certain breeds. Is this just “canine racism”, or is there something to the dangerous dog designation? Certainly, canine liability policies are extremely important in the event of a dog bite attack. As the owner of a dangerous dog, you should certainly protect your assets by having a policy in place. However; these policies are getting harder and harder to find. Insurance companies simply do not want the liability, as they know the risk of certain breeds attacking.

If you or a loved one have been attacked by an Irvine dangerous dog, you must locate a dog bite attorney to fight for your rights as a dog attack victim. Irvine Dangerous Dog attacks are on the rise, and can have deadly results. If you have been involved in an attack by a dog, first seek emergency medical treatment. The next thing to do is to contact a dog bite lawyer for a consultation to discuss your case. Do not delay, call today.